Frederick Fisher and Partners Frederick Fisher and Partners

“Delight is one of our prime motivations for practicing architecture.” – Frederick Fisher

We took the time to reflect on what still brings us delight in the world today – whether it is something handmade, read, or experienced. During one of our weekly staff meetings, we shared personal photos, books, food, nature, music, art, poetry, illustrations, etc. that reflects our inspiration. Not only was this uplifting, but we learned something more about one another which brought us closer together as a group while working remotely from home.

By continuing to educate ourselves through art, literature, history, and philosophy we allow ourselves to evolve as designers and architects. Our delight creates an open dialog between us as we discover new ways to improve the lives of people, communities, and organizations in the world around us. We are united not only by the projects we design, but as thinkers, and collaborators.

At FF&P we remain creative, and curious while looking forward to envisioning a better future for everyone. From a window view to a box of lemons to ambient music, the following pieces are just a glimpse of what motivates us at FF&P with every project we work on and new opportunity that presents itself.