Frederick Fisher and Partners Frederick Fisher and Partners

Genius Loci

Photography by: Jason Schmidt

Author: Summer Stuckey, Frederick Fisher and Partners

 Genius loci speaks to specificity, the combination of tangible and intangible characteristics that make a place unique.  We at FF&P are lucky to work in a historic landmark designed by A. Quincy Jones for his own architecture practice. An environment loaded with personality, This timeless building inspires the creativity and domesticity that have become a signature part of our design ethos.

Here are a few of our favorite spaces and places within our office. One designer expressed her gratitude for the Ray Q. Galano Memorial Garden: “How many places can one work while hearing the ambient sound of gurgling water?  The sound of the fountain while we design feels luxurious!” Another colleague noted two favorite aspects:  the beautiful natural light that filters into the main studio through its big, double- height windows, and the serene view of the lush plants that fill our central courtyard. Soaking up the sun on cool days or savoring the breezes on warm ones, we are always happy to take advantage of our office’s strong sense of indoor/outdoor connection.

Whether it’s the secret closet, the cozy study, the roof deck, or the Japanese-influenced rock garden, each corner of our office has a unique identity, and serves a different purpose. Together, however, they create an environment that evokes a real sense of belonging—to its geography, historic moment, and community.