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Perspectives on Progressive Employment Policies

Author: Summer Stuckey, Frederick Fisher and Partners

Cultivating a forward-thinking work space and implementing policies that reflect the pulse of our team is crucial.  FF&P was pleased to host AWA+D’s (Association for Women in Architecture + Design) discussion on P.E.P Talk: Perspectives on Progressive Employment Policies. The panelist highlighted, both employer and employee pros to integrating such policies.

The advocacy committee shared different perspectives including career breaks to pursue higher education, flexible hours, working remotely, and assisting women and men to better balance their personal and professional lives.

How we define ourselves, how a practice operates, and the balance between professional and personal lives are substantial ingredients to a successful work environment. Growing and maintaining an authentic DNA requires us to ask questions and be open minded to change. All while continuing to service our clients and projects with the same standard of excellence FF&P has always been known for.