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Plastic Free July

Author: Summer Stuckey, Frederick Fisher and Partners

If you get nostalgic about all those toys you played with and loved as a kid, there’s good news—most of them are still around.  The bad news is why.  With very few exceptions, every toothbrush, every takeout container, and every shampoo bottle we use is made of plastic. And plastic does not decompose.

Plastic Free July is a global movement that aims to increase our awareness of plastic pollution and helps people take part in solving the problem. This year marks the second time that FF&P has participated.  To make it fun, we organized in-house activities like a plastic-free lunch competition.  Another highlight was when FF&P hosted a visit from The Refillery LA, a local BYOC (bring your own container) mobile company offering personal care, cleaning, and laundry products for you to take home in recycled glass jars.

As we become more conscious of our decisions regarding the products we acquire for our office and personal use, we reinforce our firm’s commitment to improving our community and our planet.  Although there is still a long way to go, every step counts.