Berlinische Galerie Museum, Event Hall, and Viktoria Quartier Master Plan

FF&P won a limited international competition for the master planning of the historic, 11.7 acre Schultheiss Brewery site adjacent to Viktoria Park in Berlin, Germany.

Frederick Fisher watercolor of the Berlinische Galerie Museum.
The old brewery property was re-designed as a mixed-use village of housing, retail and office space anchored by a major museum, the Berlinische Galerie, consisting of 129,000 square feet. FF&P designed the renovation of the Berlinische Galerie, as well as the Event Hall and two multi-family loft-style townhouses.
Working in conjunction with Lunetto and Fisher, a Berlin architecture firm, we collaborated on schematic and design development across all three architectural phases of the project.
Circulation through the museum in an orderly and understandable way was accomplished by carefully
studying the program and organization requested by the Museum. Flow diagrams were created during the design phase to ensure the museum visitor would be able to easily find their way through all the galleries without missing any part of the collection. When completed, the Berlinische Galerie will become an active, contemporary forum for all the arts of Berlin.
Watercolor of the Viktoria Quartier Master Plan.