Caltech Baxter Lecture Hall

Originally built in 1970, Baxter Hall is the home to the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) on campus, with this facility serving as the Division’s primary lecture facility. After years of wear and tear, a much needed revitalization was necessary for Caltech’s Baxter Lecture Hall. FF&P met with HSS representatives to identify key elements of the revitalization, focusing on aesthetic and performance based upgrades with an extremely short schedule. The renovated auditorium includes new seating, finishes, and a demonstration bench and podium. Substantial upgrades to acoustics and lighting, including new multi-media systems and fully integrated room controls, brings the lecture hall up to contemporary standards. By fast-tracking the project through a Design-Assist approach with DPR, the Baxter Lecture Hall achieved completion from start to finish in 5 months.