Caltech George W. Downs Laboratory of Physics and Charles C. Lauritsen Laboratory of High Energy Physics

Expressing a unique identity and passion in a place that doesn’t initially resonate or seem like it could work is a challenge we are intimately familiar with. Working within a 1967 former Department of Defense building on the Caltech campus, the Downs-Lauritsen building possessed “hospital-like” closed offices with limited access to natural light and few spaces conducive to interaction or group study.
Wide corridors connect one space to the next and glass walls partition offices from communal areas, contributing to the atmosphere of openness. Blackboards cover entire walls and interspersed couches, low tables and armchairs encourage prolonged brainstorming sessions. Armchairs and long wooden tables furnish class and meeting rooms, and the well-lit, color-block kitchenette includes a high table for dining or working, each detail serving the collaborative ethos.