J. Paul Getty Museum Villa Renovation

Art and architecture seamlessly stand the test of time at the re-envisioned Getty Villa.

The Villa underwent this most recent renovation in response to the desire to organize the collections in chronological “historic” order rather than thematic order. In doing so, approximately 3,000 square feet of underutilized space was uncovered for exhibition galleries, allowing the team to find new homes for the Villa’s collection. Furthermore, art pieces previously kept in storage were brought out to breathe new life into the Villa’s exhibition galleries.
A major highlight of the re-installation is a newly renovated gallery on the first floor dedicated to the age of Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic world (336-30 BC). The centerpiece of this installation is The Victorious Youth (“Getty Bronze”), which can now be better appreciated for the masterpiece it is in the context of other objects of the same period and style, including a marble Head of Alexander the Great, The Lansdowne Herakles in the Temple of Herakles, and groups of gold jewelry and luxurious silver vessels.