Leo Baeck Temple

Leo Baeck Temple is a religious campus renovation/expansion project consisting of three primary components: 1) site improvements; 2) renovation of an existing Sanctuary Building; and 3) construction of the new Peachy and Mark Levy Lifelong Learning Center.

The initial design process was executed as a campus master plan & programmatic assessment. Working in conjunction with landscape architects, Katherine Spitz Associates, and the Temple, an in depth review of the program was analyzed, consolidated and then blocked out based on common usage. Numerous adjacency schemes were generated and reviewed at team review sessions with the Client. Through this planning process, a strong direction for the project was established and approved. The master plan also allocates space for future construction of a Chapel (Phase II), as well as another building for long-term expansion (Phase III).
A full interior renovation was completed for the Sanctuary Building, including significant seismic retrofits. Additional elements of the interior renovation comprise the main worship space, a large social hall, administrative offices, educational/ recreational facilities, lobby, contemplation room and support spaces.