Los Angeles LGBT Center Headquarters Competition

The new Los Angeles LGBT Center is designed as a landmark project that integrates and capitalizes on the sites’ existing conditions, strategically engages the neighborhood in a cohesive approach, creates a vibrant center for the LGBT Community, and provides innovative housing solutions for the diverse range of residents, (youth, family, and seniors).
The new 210,000 sf Center will thread program and innovation, new and existing, public and private. From the Aids Life-cycle to the Aids Quilt, the LGBT community has been and continues to be compassionate, courageous, inspirational, expansive and relentless in making the world a better place. Our design creates a multi-dimensional experience by embracing the Organization’s historic roots while looking forward to an expansive future.
Located above the dynamic public plazas and courtyards are the private residences. These are designed with more visual restraint than the “celebrated” community architecture of the plaza below. Brightly colored exterior spaces located on the residential upper levels visually weave and connect with the public courtyard spaces and out to the neighborhood. The elevated “private” spaces are intended to provide tranquil private or shared moments to the LGBT residents and staff. Additionally, there are three elevated “sky lounges” located at the Senior, Family and Youth Housing which also provide an opportunity for reflection. For the private residences, the exterior will be punctuated with balconies and assorted large windows to create a personal identity for each resident.