Princeton University ORFE Building Sherrerd Hall

Sherrerd Hall’s form grew out of its purpose. A home for Princeton’s computer sciences, economics, engineering, mathematics and social sciences departments, the hall functions as an interdisciplinary hub for research and collaboration. Our design celebrates the diverse community that inhabits the building, favoring clarity and simplicity over grand gestures.
Located on the campus’s east end, the 46,000-square-foot, cube-shaped hall blends with its surroundings, its mirror-like glass surface nearly disappearing into the nearby sycamore trees.
“It has an ethereal quality that connects it to its environment,” notes principal Frederick Fisher, adding that glass “opens a building to the world.”
The glass enclosure protruding from the hall’s otherwise seamless façade reveals the lit central stairway inside. L.A. artist Jim Isermann’s multi-story geometric chandelier hangs along the stairs, dozens of lights shining in different directions from within a metallic, trellis-like frame.
The main stairway rises up through the three-story central atrium that we call the town square, with walls of windows inviting in the outside campus. Groups of chairs and tables throughout inspire casual conversation and spontaneous study sessions.