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Sensibility in L.A?

Author: Summer Stuckey, Frederick Fisher and Partners

FF&P Founder, Frederick Fisher will be participating in Occidental College’s 3RD L.A. (Re)Designing LA – a series of public conversations about L.A. and its built environment. The collective event led by Christopher Hawthorne, Los Angeles’ first Chief Design Officer, will highlight innovative design with an in-depth discussion specifically addressing climate change, protecting against displacement, and the conservation of neighborhood culture and history and will address questions such as: “What does it mean to create spaces that preserve and enhance design?” “What does it mean to echo the true spirit of Los Angeles?” 

Architects, planners, preservationist, and critics world-wide crave authenticity. Los Angeles is a city imbued with culture, iconic buildings, and history. From concert halls to stadiums, hilltop houses to historic retail, this seminar influences architects, designers, city officials, and community leaders to create a more thoughtful, productive, and inclusive built environment. Register here: 3RD L.A. (Re)Designing L.A.