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Frederick Fisher and Partners has committed its practice to enhancing the passion and energy of communities and organizations of all types around the globe. Our studio is inspired by a wide aesthetic character range influenced by historical and cultural references, local context, projected use and integrated technology. Known for cultivating and enriching living, learning, cultural and working spaces in public and private atmospheres, FF&P’s projects are diverse while sharing a common approach of connecting people to their environments and to each other.

Our studio is led by three partners who stay directly involved in the daily nuances of the firm. They are vital to developing project strategy and team organization. The firm’s Next Generation leaders, along with handpicked designers, architects, and project managers represent the future of Frederick Fisher and Partners as a firm that fully understands and appreciates each team member. Our entire firm contributes to an ongoing shared dialog about new ways of living, learning, working, and experiencing art and culture. For the latest news and dialog, take a look at our blog: Inside Outside.

Asking questions is at the heart of our practice. Here, we ask ourselves the essentials…

Where does Frederick Fisher and Partners work?
When was it founded?
What's the FF&P design philosophy?
What inspires the work?
Who works at FF&P?
What's essential to the architecture process?
Some of the firm's favorite materials?
What's the hallmark of FF&P's architecture?
What's next?


We at FF&P are doing our part to keep our planet—and its inhabitants—in balance by integrating a sense of environmental stewardship into every project we take on. We subscribe to the notion of resilience: we must continuously evolve our design thinking and building strategies to allow for learning and adaptation. A common saying around the office describes it best- “Long life, loose fit.” Our team is well-versed in the LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge certification standards, and our portfolio includes many projects that have achieved these.
That said, we are constantly researching innovative sustainable systems, technologies, and practices. Moreover, we like to take a holistic perspective that favors common sense and economy, healthy and happy living, restoring what we consume, and flexibility. Rather than adhering to prescriptive criteria, we work with our clients to identify each project’s present and future opportunities to serve as a nurturing and equitable place that people want to, and can, occupy in changing ways over the long term.


Our leadership is critical to realizing appropriate and innovative design solutions that are award-winning and visionary. Our team members thread this inspiration into every project for consistency in our quality, ethos and spirit.

Frederick Fisher

Frederick Fisher

Driven to create fulfilling environments, Fred approaches architecture as a collaborative process. As founder of FF&P, he directs a practice that prides itself on architecture that is responsive, realistic, responsible, and revelatory. He gained stature in the art and academic worlds by designing for the practice and exhibition of art, and for intense interdisciplinary study. In recognition of his legacy, Fred is the 2013 LA Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal recipient, and is a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome, where he combined his passions in the exploration of museum meaning and design. Fred is Chairman of the Board of Governors at Otis College of Art & Design and is on the Board of Councilors at USC School of Architecture and the Board of Visitors at the UCLA School of the Arts. “If you make something that brings people pleasure and fulfillment,” he says, “then you’ve done your job as an architect.”

David Ross

David Ross

David has over 30 years of experience as an architect and project manager with Frederick Fisher and Partners. He is the in-house housing expert, and has built a recognized expertise in mid-century modern projects. As the design lead on residential projects, David has been instrumental in the seminal designs for some of FF&P’s recognizable residential projects.

Joseph Coriaty

Joseph Coriaty

Joseph Coriaty, FAIA is a vibrant and passionate champion of the process of making for FF&P. With over 27 years of collaboration at the firm, he takes a personal interest in making sure that each of our projects is beautiful and engaging – as practical as it is efficient. Joseph is essential both in spearheading the development of a thorough and efficient programming & design effort while maintaining strict adherence to budget and schedule expectation of the client throughout the project.

Takashige Ikawa

Takashige Ikawa

A native of Japan and a graduate of SCI-Arc, Takashige Ikawa is both precise and poetic. Perhaps due to his early training as a photographer, he sees architecture as a series of emotional moments to be connected through space and time. Whether designing a house, an exhibition, or a large creative workspace, Taka immerses himself in context and the spirit of a place. The results are diverse, but consistently thoughtful and thought-through.

Matthew Kelley

Matthew Kelley

Matthew Kelley, AIA is as visionary as he is pragmatic. A careful observer, Matt has been able to absorb and influence FF&P’s design ethos in equal measure. His versatility has propelled him into a leading role in designing some of our signature institutional and commercial projects, from their guiding ideas to their complex construction details. Matt obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, and got his Masters in Architecture from SCI-Arc.

Marisa Kurtzman

Marisa Kurtzman

Marisa Kurtzman, RA, LEED AP brings energy and focus to spearheading FF&P’s visioning, programming, and planning work. A linguist and a “people person,” she loves finding out what makes institutions and organizations tick, and then translating those values and goals into design concepts that are distinctly expressive of their identities. Marisa received her Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University, and her Master of Architecture from Yale.

Nathan Prevendar

Nathan Prevendar

Methodical but easygoing, Nathan Prevendar is a nimble manager of the entire design and construction process. Nathan cares deeply about his clients and teams, and is known for accessibility and responsiveness. His empathic yet objective approach to architectural practice has enabled him to lead all types and scales of FF&P projects, from large academic buildings to houses. Nathan obtained his Bachelor of Architecture from USC and his Master of Science in Architectural Studies from MIT.


The pulse of FF&P comes from its team members. They bring creativity, enthusiasm and a curiosity to work every single day and function as a well-oiled machine equipped with the skills and passion to positively impact the broader community.


David Ross AIA

Frederick Fisher FAAR, AIA

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Marisa Kurtzman RA, LEED AP

Matthew Kelley AIA, LEED AP

Nathan Prevendar Associate AIA

Takashige Ikawa
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Brent Eckerman AIA

Hector Semidey

John Berley Associate AIA

Mariam Mojdehi AIA, LEED AP

Ron Benson AIA, LEED AP

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Christina Kwak AIA
Team Members

Asli Tusavul

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Jennifer Gilman

Jianlan Zhao

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Tania Sew Hoy RA, LEED AP

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Administrative Team

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