Frederick Fisher and Partners Frederick Fisher and Partners

The New Intersection of Art, Technology, and Business

Current Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation students are housed in a prototype “garage” on campus and have outgrown their physical limitations. In 2016, USC engaged FF&P and brightspot strategy to conduct a programming and concept design study for IYA’s permanent home. Primary objectives included achieving a universally high degree of knowledge exchange, resource accessibility, and delivery of services. To address these objectives with the physical environment, our team led an intensive, collaborative visioning  period with IYA’s leadership, faculty, and students that resulted in a proposed 40,000 sf facility with expanded, state-of-the-art instruction, design, and fabrication spaces, areas for partner programs with related academic departments, and on-site office/work space for faculty and staff.

The IYA program consists of connecting/collision spaces for casual encounters and collaboration; flexible Instruction facilities; maker-spaces ranging from traditional wood and metal shops to technology-rich printing, media, and electronics labs; small- and large-group collaboration and conference areas, specified zones for student teams to work on long-term projects; and working spaces for IYA’s administration, faculty, and staff. The program distribution maximizes internal and external visual connectivity and has the flexibility to accommodate the physical evolution in keeping with this ever-evolving academic program.  

The Iovine and Young Academy will become USC’s 20th degree-granting school, under the leadership of Eric Muhl as the school’s inaugural dean. With its focus on creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, the Iovine and Young Academy has attracted broad support from the industry and widespread media acclaim. Students have received national academic awards and won top competitive internships and prizes from leading U.S. companies.

This historic groundbreaking is being captured via time-lapse with OxBlue. Stay updated on the construction progress HERE.