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Arts Park LA

Barker Hanger

Berlinische Galerie Museum, Event Hall, and Viktoria Quartier Master Plan

FF&P won a limited international competition for the master planning of the historic, 11.7 acre Schultheiss Brewery site adjacent to Viktoria Park in Berlin, Germany. Frederick Fisher watercolor of the Berlinische Galerie Museum. The old brewery property was re-designed as a mixed-use village of housing, retail and office… Read More

Beverly Hills Tennis Club

Jefferson Park

Beverly Hills Library Auditorium

Ventura County Museum of History & Art

Caltech Athenaeum

Located in a landmark structure designed by Gordon B. Kaufmann, the Athenaeum club at the California Institute of Technology has been providing its 4,000 members with a high-quality social and dining experience since 1930. Although the historic Mediterranean Style-inspired building and its surrounding gardens are sought after for all sorts… Read More

Princeton University Firestone Library Renovation

Our renovation of Princeton’s Firestone Library preserves the building’s heritage while transforming its function. Built in 1948, the Gothic Revival building is the university’s heart. Its original design married tradition and innovation, the exterior resonating with the ornate Ralph Adams Cram designed chapel nearby while the interior featured spacious, loft-like… Read More

Santa Barbara Museum of Art