2600 Colorado Lobby Renovation

For this concept design project, we re-imagined the entrance to this Santa Monica office as a living lobby, a plaza-like gathering place for the building’s community. Home to entertainment leaders such as MTV Networks and Lionsgate Films, the large, low-rise complex extends across three city blocks.

Stairs from three sides lead visitors from the street up to the lobby. A floating vertical garden hanging from a white steel trellis forms an outdoor room below, blending the building with the surrounding environment. Recycled rain and condensation water the garden, thus honoring the developer’s commitment to sustainable design.
Filled with modular workstations with movable furniture, the lobby can adapt to accommodate a variety conversations and collaborations. Tenants change the layout as they see fit, forming hubs for small private discussions, conference meetings, or casual after-hours wind-downs. Shade and ambient light change throughout the day. At night, the lobby glows, illuminating the adjacent intersection.