Frederick Fisher and Partners (FF&P) has committed its practice to enhancing the passion and energy of communities and organizations of all types around the globe. Our studio is inspired by a wide aesthetic character range influenced by historical and cultural references, local context, projected use and integrated technology. Known for cultivating and enriching living, learning, cultural and working spaces in public and private atmospheres, FF&P’s projects are diverse while sharing a common approach of connecting people to their environments and to each other.

Our LA and NYC studios are led by seven partners who stay directly involved in the daily nuances of the firm, and are vital to developing project strategy and team organization. The partners, along with handpicked designers, architects, and project managers, represent the future of FF&P as a firm that fully understands and appreciates each team member. Our entire firm contributes to an ongoing shared dialogue about new ways of living, learning, working, and experiencing art and culture. For the latest news and dialogue, take a look at our blog: Inside Outside.

Asking questions is at the heart of our practice. Here, we ask ourselves the essentials…

Studio Pillars

Where does FF&P work?
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What is FF&P's design philosophy?
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What's essential to FF&P's architectural process


We at FF&P are doing our part to keep our planet—and its inhabitants—in balance by integrating a sense of environmental stewardship into every project we take on. We subscribe to the notion of resilience: we must continuously evolve our design thinking and building strategies to allow for learning and adaptation. A common saying around the office describes it best- “Long life, loose fit.” Our team is well-versed in the LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge certification standards, and our portfolio includes many projects that have achieved these.

That said, we are constantly researching innovative sustainable systems, technologies, and practices. Moreover, we like to take a holistic perspective that favors common sense and economy, healthy and happy living, restoring what we consume, and flexibility. Rather than adhering to prescriptive criteria, we work with our clients to identify each project’s present and future opportunities to serve as a nurturing and equitable place that people want to, and can, occupy in changing ways over the long term.