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Vassar Institute for the Liberal Arts

Nestled on the south side of the Alumnae House lawn at the campus gateway, Vassar’s new Inn and Institute for the Liberal Arts will combine conference space with 50 guest rooms and a restaurant. The vision creates a space for faculty, students, innovators, leaders, and communities to exchange ideas and… Read More

Thatcher Yard Housing

Mandeville Canyon Residence

In Los Angeles, it’s easy to feel disconnected from the living world, but this Mandeville Canyon home chooses to embrace it. From floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass walls, to framed views of trees and garden flora, the experience within the residence is enlivened by its connection to the… Read More

Ocean Drive Penthouse

Tione Road Bel Air I Residence

Ocean Park Residence

Vista del Sol Apartments

Pacific Court

Rialto Residence

Designed for an artist and an analyst with an art and rare book collection, the home is simple with modest detailing, to allow for comfortable, unobstructed living. The home employs an H-plan layout that maximizes light, views of two courtyard gardens and reduces the massing of the structure… Read More

Agoura Hills Residence