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The Barn (former A. Quincy Jones Residence)

Inspired by New England farm architecture, the residence of renowned architect, A. Quincy Jones was called “The Barn.” What was once an old photographers studio, A. Quincy Jones transformed the space into his residence and workplace. Featuring a large, open space with 50-foot high ceilings and a pitched-roof,… Read More

West Shinjuku Lofts

A sense of space and natural light were essential ingredients to creating a loft-like atmosphere. In a city where natural light and space are highly sought after, FF&P designed the West Shinjuku Lofts to embrace these features. Consisting of three separate six-story apartment buildings, the lofts include floor-to-ceiling… Read More

Big Sur Residence

TSA Glendale Senior Housing

Santa Ynez Residence

The foothills in Santa Ynez are arid and quiet, filled with farms and ranches. Our Santa Ynez residence, one story and close to the ground, echoes that landscape. The ancient prototype of the courtyard house creates a protected gravel garden that complements the wide, natural vistas of the valley. Reminiscent… Read More