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H Los Angeles Residence

Oberlin College Transitional Student Housing

Infill Venice Residence and Studios

Los Angeles LGBT Center Headquarters Competition

The new Los Angeles LGBT Center is designed as a landmark project that integrates and capitalizes on the sites’ existing conditions, strategically engages the neighborhood in a cohesive approach, creates a vibrant center for the LGBT Community, and provides innovative housing solutions for the diverse range of residents, (youth, family,… Read More

C Malibu Residence

Kirazli Istanbul Housing Project

L/M Los Angeles Residence

Manhattan Beach Residence

Form and material defined our design for the ocean-side Manhattan Beach residence. We responded to our client’s affinity for the visual qualities of concrete, combining exposed concrete with streel-framed windows to give the home a minimal, monochromatic profile. The 3,500 square foot residence spans two oceanfront lots, and we broke… Read More

Metta Forest Monastery Dormitories

Dry Creek Residence