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Dorsey Senior High Auditorium

University of Virginia Fralin Museum of Art Bayly Building Addition

Princeton University Firestone Library Renovation

Our renovation of Princeton’s Firestone Library preserves the building’s heritage while transforming its function. Built in 1948, the Gothic Revival building is the university’s heart. Its original design married tradition and innovation, the exterior resonating with the ornate Ralph Adams Cram designed chapel nearby while the interior featured spacious, loft-like… Read More

Caltech George W. Downs Laboratory of Physics and Charles C. Lauritsen Laboratory of High Energy Physics

A disciple of physicist Richard Feynman, Hirosi Ooguri—Director of Caltech’s Institute for High Energy Physics—wanted to pay tribute to his mentor in his newly remodeled workspace. Expressing a unique identity and passion in a place that doesn’t initially resonate or seem like it could work is a challenge we are… Read More

Caltech Walter and Leonore Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology

“Essential in achieving this goal was the ongoing engagement in discussions with all team members. Listening to each other while also taking a stance allowed us to achieve better solutions than any team section could have achieved on their own. Now, a few years later, we can state without… Read More

Jane B. Eisner Middle School Camino Nuevo

Our historic adaptive reuse of a 1920’s PacBell service building into a new middle school reclaimed and restored this neighborhood landmark, benefiting the students and local community. The main building consists of three large bays with brick perimeter and demisingwalls, concrete slab floors and wood bow string… Read More

Occidental College Academic Commons

Princeton University ORFE Building Sherrerd Hall

Sherrerd Hall’s form grew out of its purpose. A home for Princeton’s computer sciences, economics, engineering, mathematics and social sciences departments, the hall functions as an interdisciplinary hub for research and collaboration. Our design celebrates the diverse community that inhabits the building, favoring clarity and simplicity over grand gestures. Located… Read More

Shady Side Academy Center for Science and Innovation

The Shady Side Academy Center for Science and Innovation is a two-story science instruction facility nestled within the pastoral hills of its senior school’s historic campus. The building is sited in such a way as to create a “gateway” formed by Rowe Hall and the new science building on the… Read More

University of Southern California Iovine Young Academy

“The newly opened Iovine and Young Hall is a three-floor, 40,000-square-foot manifestation of the vision that its music entrepreneurs had for a school at the intersection of arts and technology. The concept of intersection is even incorporated into its design of the building. It is geographically located where the historic… Read More